What is a warning triangle?

A warning triangle is an essential piece of equipment made of reflective material that is designed to be put at the side of the road to warn oncoming traffic of hazards such as a road traffic collisions or vehicle breakdowns.

Many warning triangles are bright red in colour with additional orange or reflective parts to promote greater viability. They also generally fold up and pack away so as not to take up too much space in your boot.

Some vehicle manufacturers automatically put warning triangles in their vehicles when new however many still do not.

Warning Triangle

How far should you place a warning triangle from your car?

Warning triangles should be placed at a distance of around 200m prior to the hazard in order to warn oncoming drivers.

Do I have to carry a warning triangle in my car?

All vehicles when driving in France and other parts of Europe must carry a warning triangle. Failure to carry one may lead you to being given an on the spot fine.

You can buy a warning triangle either as an individual product or as part of a driving in France kit.