Spare Bulb Kit

Why do I need a spare bulb kit?

You need a spare bulb kit because unfortunately, French law states that you must have working lights on your vehicle no matter what time of day. If your lights are not in full working order you, therefore, commit an offence.

If however, you are in a position to replace the bulb then you will not be fined. You must be in a position to replace the bulb if and when requested to do so by a police officer.

Unlike the UK where you will often be let off with words of advice or a VDRS (Vehicle Defect Recognition Scheme) instead of a fine, in France you will just get an on the spot fine for your troubles.

Carrying a spare bulb kit eliminates this risk as you should have all the necessary bulbs in your kit just in case.

What is in a spare bulb kit?

The majority of off the shelf spare bulb kits from Halfords, Amazon and other online retailers include a variety of bulbs and fuses to fit the majority of modern-day vehicles. All bulbs are generally stored in a hard plastic case to protect them from damage.


Which spare bulb kit do I need?

Which spare bulb kit you need depends upon the type of vehicle you drive and the type of bulbs your vehicle has. The majority of bulb kits have the most common bulbs in them such as the H1, H4 and H7 bulbs but there are a variety of other bulb kits available for specific types of vehicles from cars to motorhomes.



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