Hi Vis Vest

Hi Vis Vest

Hi vis vests are an important safety requirement for many different jobs in hundreds of different industries.

From builders and construction workers to highway works and police. All of these roles and more have to wear hi vis vests as part of their crucial safety clothing.

Hi Vis Vests protect users by ensuring they stand out in dark or inclement weather. They come in many different colours styles and lengths which suit a variety of different uses.

You can also get full waterproof hi vis coats should you prefer something a little more protective.

Why do you need a hi vis vest when driving in France?

It is law that you need a hi vis vest when driving in France. Each occupant of the vehicle must have one available to put on should they need to exit the vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Failure to comply with this law will lead to a minimum €135 on the spot fine.


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