Headlamp Converters in France

What are headlamp converters?

Headlamp Converters are adhesive stickers that fit onto your headlamp to divert the light away from oncoming vehicles when driving in France and Europe.

Are Headlamp Converters Compulsory in France?

Yes, headlamp converters are compulsory in France

Headlamp converters

All UK vehicles drive on the left-hand side of the road and are therefore designed so that headlights predominantly shine to the nearside kerb.

This, therefore, means that wehn you drive on the righthand side of the road as in France and the rest of Europe your headlights shine into the path of oncoming vehicles and not the kerb.

Headlights shining at oncoming traffic will dazzle the driver which is a danger to all road users. Therefore when driving in France and Europe you must use headlamp converters to divert the light away from oncoming traffic.

Headlamp converters work by sticking to the headlight and preventing light from going onto the opposite side of the road. They can then simply be removed on your return to the UK

10 minutesĀ 10 minutes.

How to fit headlamp converters.

  1. Find your vehicle

    Locate your vehicle in the instruction to see where you need to put the converters.

  2. Clean your headlamps

    Wipe any dirt or grime off the headlamps with a soft cloth.

  3. Open the packet and find the instructions

    Inside each packet you will normally find an instruction sheet that contains diagrams on where to place the headlamp converters.

  4. Fix the converters

    Peel off the adhesive backing and apply the headlamp converter to the headlamps as indicated in the instruction leaflet