GB Sticker

GB Sticker

Do you need a GB sticker in France?

GB stickers are something that you need to have when planning to drive in France and the rest of Europe.

Whether you’re driving a car, motorhome, lorry, or bus, you must by law display a GB Sticker by law. Whenever you drive a vehicle in a country other than where it’s from you must display the country it comes from. This is because it makes it easier for law enforcement and government officials to determine which country you are from.

Vehicles without a GB Sticker may incur an on the spot fine.

What types of GB Sticker are there?

There are three different types of GB stickers that you can use. These include standard GB Stickers, GB Number Plate Stickers and GB Magnetic Stickers.

GB Stickers

The straightforward GB sticker is adhesive and just sicks to the rear of your vehicle. There are very easy to fit and just require you to clean the area of any dirt and grime, then simply peel off the back and stick the sticker to your vehicle.

GB Number Plate Stickers

Many new cars come with the GB symbol already on the number plate. You can however buy GB number plate sticker which again simply sticks to your number plate.

GB Magnetic Stickers

The final option is our personal favourite, GB Magnetic Stickers. Regular stickers, although cheap, are permanent and can cause damage over time to your paintwork. Magnetic GB Stickers are in actual fact magnetic plates that are simply applied to the metal part of your vehicle and will be held there by the magnet. These can therefore be removed when not travelling to France meaning that there will be less damage caused to your vehicle over time.

Where to put GB Sticker on a car in France?

A GB Sticker must be displayed on the rear of your vehicle where it is clearly visible. Where you put the sticker will depend upon what type you have. The number plate sticker will obviously be fixed to your rear number plate. Standard adhesive GB Stickers can be fitted to the rear windscreen, rear bumper or rear panel as long as it can be clearly seen from the rear. Magnetic GB Stickers have to be fitted to metal so that the magnet has something to stick to. You also need to ensure that they are fixed to a flat surface and not curved.

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