GB Magnetic Plate

GB stickers are something that you need to have when planning to drive in France and the rest of Europe.

Whether you’re driving a car, motorhome, lorry or bus, you must by law display a GB sticker by law. Whenever you drive a vehilce in a country other than were it’s from you must display the country it comes from. This is because it makes it easier for law enforcement and government officials to determine which country you are from.

Vehicles without a GB Sticker may incur a fine.

What types of GB Sticker are there?

There are several different types of GB sticker that you can use.

Firstly there is the strightforward sticker that is adhesive and just sicks to the rear of your vehilce. Secondly, you can get magnetic GB stickers which instead of having adhesive, are magnetic which means you can easily remove them. Finally there are GB stickers that can go on your numberplate.