Driving In France Kit

Driving in France Kit

Driving in France kits are very popular and can be found at a number of different outlets. Before we go into too much detail let’s first look at some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a driving in France kit?

A driving in France kit is a collection of items that are required by French law when driving a motor vehicle in France that can be bought as a pack or kit instead of separately.

Why do I need a kit for driving in France?

Kits are normally bought for ease and to save time. The kits contain everything you need for driving in France so to save you time looking for each item you can buy a kit with either all of the items or the ones you need.

What is in a French driving kit?

It depends upon the type of kit you choose but the items can include a whole host of different things. Most French driving kits, however, will include the things you need by law including a GB Sticker, headlamp converters, a light bulb kit, hi-vis vests, and a warning triangle.

Is a European travel kit the same?

Some countries in Europe have different legal requirements however the majority of European travel kits should have similar or the same items you need for France.

What do I need to drive in France?

To drive in France you need the following items: A GB Sticker, headlamp converters, warning triangle, spare light bulbs, hi vis vests for each occupant, a full and valid driver’s licence, V5, insurance certificate and MOT document.

We know how difficult it can be when driving in France. Firstly you have to drive on the right, the signs are in a different language and there are a hundred and one things you need to take for your trip. However, there are certain rules and regulations you must follow to save you from being caught and being fined by the local police.

When you drive in France there are certain items that you must take with you. These are compulsory items for driving in France and must be with you during your journey, otherwise you may find yourself having to pay rather hefty on the spot fines.

Driving in France Checklist

Firstly take a look at our driving in France checklist below which has all the items you need to take with you and then we will cover each item in a little more detail.

  • GB Sticker
  • Headlamp converters
  • Warning triangle
  • Spare light bulbs
  • Hi vis vests for each occupant
  • A full and valid drivers licence
  • V5, insurance certificate
  • MOT document.

GB Sticker

GB stickers are a legal requirement in any European country. No matter what type of vehicle you have, you must show a GB Sticker or GB Magnet on the rear of your vehicle.

Headlamp Converters

Headlamp converters are put on your headlights to prevent them from dazzling oncoming vehicles. In the UK our headlamps are designed to shine to the nearside kerb which in the UK is on the left. However, in France, you drive on the right, and therefore without headlamp converters you would dazzle oncoming traffic.

Warning Triangle

In France, you must carry a warning triangle to put out prior to an accident or broken down vehicle to warn oncoming traffic.

Spare Light Bulbs

All vehicles with lights in France must be in working order at all times. It is, therefore, a requirement in law to carry spare bulbs for your vehicle so that any broken ones can be replaced immediately.

Hi Vis Vests

As with many of the compulsory items for driving in France, safety if the reason they are needed. It is quite common for vehicles to break down and for accidents to occur. To prevent those exiting vehicles from being injured you must carry a hi vis vest for all occupants of your vehicle.

Driving Documents

All drivers must carry their driving licence as standard. You must also carry a valid insurance certificate, the vehicle V5, and MOT certificate when driving in France.

Fines for Failing to Comply

There are a variety of fines that may be imposed on the spot should you fail to comply with any of the legal requirements when driving in France.

  • GB Sticker – €90
  • Headlamp converters – €90
  • Warning triangle – €135
  • Spare light bulbs – €90
  • High viz vests for each occupant – €135
  • A full and valid drivers licence – €135
  • V5, insurance certificate – €135
  • MOT document – €135

Additional items?

Along with the legally required items, there are a number of others that we’d suggest you consider taking.

Snow Chains – Although not a legal requirement all of the time, if you are travelling in areas covered with snow then snow chains are a legal requirement.

Fire Extinguisher – A fire extinguisher is not a legally required item however they are extremely useful and should you come across an accident you are, in France expected to assist in any way you can.

First Aid Kit – Again a first aid kit is not a legal requirement however they are something that most sensible people should carry in their vehicles.

Our Favourite Websites

There are many websites that we find useful so we’ve listed a few of our favourites below.

  • Go Camp France – Website that provides a vast amount of information and photos of some of the best campsites in France.
  • France Ferry Booker – Book your ferry to France



Finally, should you want to find out any more information about any of the items you need to take with you when driving in France then please take a look at the relevant pages or you can buy any of the items mentioned in our shop.

Driving in France Kit

Driving France Kit

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Warning Triangle

Warning Triangle